Taco Stuffed Shells

When making Taco Stuffed Shells, you may want to double the recipe, because as long as you’re going to the effort of stuffing the shells you might as well double it and freeze half…..besides you will realize how amazingly delicious it is and you’ll regret not doubling it.


Click here for recipe from SAorganics.


Sopapilla Cheesecake

Sopapilla Cheesecake served hot out of the oven or from the refrigerator.  Either way it’s delicious!


Click here for recipe.

By Alina from My Yellow Umbrella

Fried Ice Cream

This easy to make Fried Ice Cream recipe tastes JUST like the fried ice cream you’d get at the restaurant.  It will be the dish that everyone wants you to bring to everything – and bring a copy of the recipe because otherwise you’ll be repeating it 75 times.


Click here for recipe.

By I’m Perfect Housewife